The fourth semester

The fourth and final semester will be preparing you for life after the course. We will help you get into the business that you want through an internship and help you navigate business proporsitions. You will also be able to build a powerful portfolio to show off your work. 

The main areas you will get to know are:

Company internship
Get real-world experience!

Building your portfolio
CV/resume, design and presentation.

Practice and refine
Finishing, reviewing and polishing of your most prices works. This is a chance to really nail the projects that can help you move forward.

Dealing with clients
A often feared or difficult step in any project, we help you to develop a business language, when dealing with a client. We will also talk with various art galleries to accept your works.

Details about the semester

As this is a major part of the 1-year art course, it is not possible to buy this semester exclusively. 

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