Hone your skills and develop yourself toward a creative career

1-year creative arts course

Develop your skills and produce great artwork through our 1-year masterclass. Learn from a wide selection of professional teachers that are active in the business. You will get a well-rounded and fundamental introduction to art in all its many forms.

Course details

The course is comprised of four semesters, each spanning three months. 

The first three semesters costs 23.000 DKK when you order the 1-year course. 

The final semester costs 15.000 DKK.

In total: 84.000 DKK. You can of course pay per semester.

The price includes all required materials, tours and visits as well as guest teachers.

Don't have time for the full course?

1st semester

In the first semester will you will refine what you already know and improve your abilities through drawing anatomy, attending croquis sessions and writing. We will also get into photography, comics and film making. 

2nd semester

In the second semester you will get right down to it with hands-on sculpting in various materials. We will also focus on animation, painting and make-up. 

3rd semester

The third semester will consist of the production phase of any project. You will learn how to transform concepts into products and the whole focus on meeting the client vision.

4th semester

The fourth semester will be preparing you for life after the course. We will help you get into the business that you want through an internship. You will also be able to build a powerful portfolio to show off your work.

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