Learn about the school and get to know your art teachers

The Art Academy is founded to help both new and professional artists to become skilled in not just their main profession, but also to be better at thinking and developing their art using any tool. 

We believe that if you are to become a influential artist you must not only develop your skill, but also yourself, because only through self-transformation can you truely achieve what you want. 

And what better way to be taught be a range of people who both love to show you how they make their magic and have many years of working experience. Most are still very much active and have their own clients. This we believe will help make the teaching stay fresh, as new content and knowledge keeps pouring in.

Meet the teachers

Throughout the 1-year art course you will meet our highly professional teachers. Each will bring their own styles, teaching and experience to the table. Learn about them here.

Darren kordich


Darren, who will be your course teacher, has worked as a traditional 2d animator on multiple animation films like Space Jam, Balto and Asterix where he developed the character and made key compositions. Darren is a master of anatomy and knows how to convey expressions through both drawing and sculpting in clay among other mediums.

What will Darren teach?
Darren will teach you how to draw correct anatomy and to develop facial expressions and body positions for believeable characters. He will also guide you toward your goal combined with teachings of art history and in-depth knowledge about the film and art industry.

Where can I see more of Darren’s work?

peter snejbjerg

Peter Snejbjerg

Peter Snejbjerg is an acclaimed comic book artist and has worked on big works like “Animal Man” by DC Comics and “The Lords of Misrule” by Dark Horse. Peter play with color and inks to create mezmerising characters and environments with lots of emotion and life.

What will Peter teach?
Peter will teach you how to create characters from scratch and develop them for a comic. You will also learn about page and panel composition for a more immersive viewing experience.

Where can I see more of Peter’s work?


Louise Bruun

Louise Bruun is a hair and makeup artist and works in the fashion industry where she creates innovative beauty and fashion for recognized magazines and shows. Louise also works with the film and commercial industry.

What will Louise teach?
Louise will unveil the tricks and treats behind the makeup business and teach you how to create and refine characters to their fullest potential.

Where can I see more of Louise’s work? 


Per Kapper

Per Kapper is a does special effects work for the film industry, art projects, events and more. Through his company Kapper Creations Per utilizes physical props and effects like body parts, blood and puppets to make lifelike characters for every imaginable purpose.

When Per becomes too busy for teaching he will bring his friend Magnus Miselli, who also work at Kapper Creations.

What will Per teach?
At the course Per will teach you how to work with moulding with various materials, to make a copy of for example your hand or other objects. You will also learn …

Where can I see more of Per’s work? 


Anders Grugz Vindbjerg

Anders is working in the tattoo business as an experienced and renowened artist and his styles ranges from hyper realism to fantasy. Anders have been a student the the Art Academy where he refined his skill for anatomy and drawing.

What will Anders teach?
Anders will help you understand the technique of shadow-work as tattooing is based on the ability to convey emotion and form through shading. You will learn how to draw anything using just shadows and also how to draw naturalistic for better realism in your art.

Where can I see more of Anders’ work?

Sara koppel

Sara works as an animator and still practices traditional 2d animation by drawing on paper. Sara works with artistic animation for film and commercials but also as part of art exhibitions and short films. The style is cartoony and sexual and her work as earned her many international rewards.

What will Sara teach?
Sara will show you how you combine multiple images to make animation. Through basic animation fundamentals you will aquire the skill to animate images from drawing or painting. Sara will also show you how to do storyboards that are an essential part of animation.

Where can I see more of Sara’s work?


Thomas Schwerdfeger

Thomas is a long experienced make-up artist and has worked on art projects, special effects and bodypainting. 

What will Thomas teach?
Thomas will teach you how to work with make-up effects like blood and how to style a character. He will also be teaching you bodypaint and drawing.

Where can I see more of Thomas’ work?

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