1-year arts foundation course

The Art Academy provides professional level teaching with teachers from design, film, animation, special effects, sculpting, fashion, tattoo and arts industries.

Over the course of the year you will be creating an accumulative body of artwork designed into a presentable physical and online portfolio. This is in preparation for either further education or getting work in the arts industries.

Your course teacher will be Darren Kordich, who has worked many years with cartoon animation and sculpting. He will not only teach you to be technical, but to think and feel for yourself to develop your own original style.

Darren Kordich, course teacher
What you will learn
1st semester
  • Drawing: Traditional art, learning anatomy and attending croquis sessions.
  • Writing: Character/event-driven storytelling.
  • Comic design: Develop your own comic, Manga week.
  • Photography: Frame composition, lighting, photo references.
  • Film: Storyboarding, conceptual art, film language, film studies.

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2nd semester
  • Animation: Model sheets, character design, character turnaround.
  • Sculpting: Polimer clays, paper clays, high-density foam, painting a sculpt.
  • Casting: Casting objects, life casting.
  • Make-up: Beauty and editorial, special effects work.
  • Painting: Preparing on canvas, types of painting, mixed media, street art.

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3rd semester
  • Tattooing: Art and design.
  • Jewlery design: From design to product.
  • Scenography: Meeting the client vision, room setup.

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4th semester
  • Company internship: Get real-world experience!
  • Building your portfolio: CV/resume, design and presentation.

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What you will gain

The course is structured in such a way that by the end you will have a much broader understanding of what art is and you will possess a wide selection of skills to carry out your ideas.

You will have been given the ability to get inspiration from multiple sources, filter what you need and define the core concept of your project, so you can transform that concept into a solid creation. 

Furthermore you will have relevant working experience from a business that you want to make a career in. And you will have a full-fletched portfolio to back up your claims. 

Course price

The course is comprised of four semesters, each spanning three months. 

The first three semesters costs 23.000 DKK when you order the 1-year course. 

The final semester costs 15.000 DKK.

In total: 84.000 DKK. You can of course pay per semester.

The price includes all required materials, tours and visits as well as guest teachers.

During DECEMBER 2019 you can get 10 % off when you sign up. All you need to do is send you sign-up request before december 31th.

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