Become a manga artist in one week

Have you always dreamed about the facinating world of manga comics and the often weird or spectacular style? Well, dream no more because we got two highly professional people teaching you everything manga for five solid days. 

 Course structure:

  • Character construction and design
  • Storytelling and dialogue / speech bubbles
  • Flesh out your comic ideas, from story to page
  • Get a feel of a production workflow

The price for the 1-week course is 4.500 DKK and will need to be payed before the course start. 

The manga course runs from Monday 17. – Friday 21.

Further information will be given once you will be attending the course. 

Who will be your teacher?

peter snejbjerg

Peter Snejbjerg

Peter Snejbjerg is an acclaimed comic book artist and has worked on big works like “Animal Man” by DC Comics and “The Lords of Misrule” by Dark Horse. Peter play with color and inks to create mezmerising characters and environments with lots of emotion and life.

What will Peter teach?
Peter will teach you how to create characters from scratch and develop them for a comic. You will also learn about page and panel composition for a more immersive viewing experience.

Where can I see more of Peter’s work?

Angelica Inigo

Angelica Inigo

Angelica Inigo is a freelance illustrator and comicbook artist. Her passion is artful stories that influence kids and teenagers. Angelica makes childrens books and graphical novels and the themes often is about human interaction or finding your inner self. 

What will Angelica teach?
Angelica will teach you how to write a good story for your comic and develop your characters. 

Where can I see more of Angelica’s work?

Course sign-up

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